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To overcoat, revitalise and provide added protection to your textured park home the recommended product to use is 'Resifine'.

'Resifine' is a D.I.Y product and the recommended application is by brush / roller. If required an application kit is available and can be viewed on the ancillaries page.

Sole stockists

All Resitex products are available on a next day delivery service or can be collected from the works address by prior arrangement.

Application 'Hints and Tips'

  1. Make good any structural defects. Hairline cracks can be treated by using a build up of 'Resifine' . Surfaces must be clean , dry and free from loose, powdery and/or flaking material, dirt and grease. Any organic growth can be eradicated by using a quality fungicidal wash.
  2. Using the masking tape, mask all windows and doors etc. Cover paving, plants etc with the ground sheet included in the kit.
  3. Pour 'Resifine' into the paint tray provided and fully load the woven pile roller.
  4. Apply with roller generously. To avoid waste, the block brush can be used to spread any excess coating that may remain in the valleys of the stipple.
  5. The 1ltr plastic paint pot and 3 piece brush set can be used to' cut-in' around windows and doors.
  6. To ensure a clean, neat edge remove the masking tape from the windows and doors before the ' Resifine'  has fully dried.

Depending on the textured pattern to be covered, 'Resifine' should be applied at a rate of approx 2-3 sqmtrs/ltr.

Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees celcius or if there is a risk of rain or frost. Avoid applying in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces. Since ' Resifine ' is a waterbased product drying times will be affected by humidity and general temperatures on the day of application.

Wash all application tools with water immediately after use.

In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water.

Splashes on skin can be removed using soap and water.

Storage life is approx 3 years if protected from frost and direct heat.


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