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A timber pre-treatment which offers excellent stain inhibiting properties against water soluble substrate contaminations and colourants such as wood tannin.



A quick drying emulsion based primer, suitable for use on bare timber, both interior and exterior. 

Brush or roller application.



A water based primer formulated for the purpose of protecting the coating in the applied film against tanning and mould staining. 

Brush or roller application.



A general purpose sealer and bonding aid, suggested application areas include the securing of fibre glass tapes over butt joints and use as a porous surface sealer.

Brush or roller application.



A general purpose bonding aid used to secure fibre glass jointing tapes.

Brush or roller application.










Magsil is an extremely fine particle size , odourless surfactant stabilised acrylic copolymer dispersion which offers excellent adhesion properties to magnesium oxide boards prior to the application of " RESITEX " water borne coatings.

Brush or roller application.



Ready to use filler. Ideal for butt joint treatment , imperfections , nail heads etc.

Brush or pallet knife application.


Butt Joint Treatment - Resitex















Exterior.  A rich, creamy mixture of flexible resins and mineral powders, pigmented with light fast alkali-resistant, non-lead pigments and containing mould control additives, drying to a smooth matt appearance. `Resifine`, designed for an extended life – even in aggressive exposed conditions, will bridge linear cracks, fill minor defects and is ideal for applying over suitably primed timber, rough cast concrete, brick, pebble-dash and existing park home textured surfaces, available in  wide range of colours.

Brush or roller application.(Refer to Home page -  'Park Home Residents' box) 


Resifine image


Exterior. Medium grade.  A similar material to Resifine but containing additional mineral aggregates.  Ideal for coating over sand/cement rendered surfaces to provide a weather resistant , decorative, flexible, lightly textured surface.

Brush or roller application.

Rendertex - Resitex


Exterior. Heavy grade.  A similar material to Rendertex but containing additional mineral aggregates.  The flexibility of the resin and resistance to abrasion provided by the mineral aggregates ensures a long lasting, protective coating which will stand up to extremes of weather.  Ideally suitable for the Park Home and Portable Building construction industry.  Colours are available from the BS4800 and RAL K5 ranges.

Textured roller or Stipple pad.(See Application page)

stipple finishes


Interior.  A washable, textured wall and ceiling coating which dries to a white, flexible silk finish.  Ready mixed for use straight from the tub.  Can be stippled, combed or patterned to almost any surface , bridging linear cracks and minor defects .

Roller or Stipple pad application.



Exterior.  A tough, flexible thermoplastic weatherproof roof coating, ready mixed for use straight from the tub.  With excellent water repellent properties.  Contains a mould control additive to discourage the growth of unsightly moss, green mould and lichens.  Ideal for applying to most types of roofing substrates, including existing Park Home roofs.  Available in a range of roof tile colours.

Brush or roller application.

roof proof resitexroof proof resitexroof proof image


Exterior.  A decorative flexible durable thermoplastic coating, specially formulated for timber surfaces that are open to the elements.  Colours and protects your fence/shed in just one coat.  Added waxes result in excellent water repellency and contains a mould control additive.  Available in a range of fence panel colours.

Brush or roller application.

fenceproof imageresitex fenceproofresitex fenceproof - image of full fence



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